Sedum clavatum - 2”

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Sedum clavatum rooted live succulent plant gift shown in a 2 INCH pot, Zensability plants
Close up of colorful chubby leaves on Sedum clavatum, a rooted live succulent Zensability plant

Sedum clavatum - 2”

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Sedum clavatum is a tight-rosette forming succulent with fat, blue-green leaves. There are multiple heads in this pot, making it a great choice as a filler for plant for succulent arrangements or wreaths.

The plant for sale is the plant pictured or one almost identical to the plant pictured.
Plant ships bare root.

Peak growth season: Fall / Spring (growth slows considerably in the Winter)
Dormant: Summer
Propagation: Take cuttings and propagate from leaves during growth season, Fall is ideal.

Full sun to part shade.

This plant does not require a lot of water, even during its growing season. Only water after soil is completely dry. Modify these tips as your zone requires.

Your succulent will be wrapped with care and shipped with extra padding in the box. Plants can take 1-5 days to prep for shipping and weather can impact the prep time. We ship as quickly as is safe for your plant.

You should feel like it's your birthday every time you open Zensability plant mail!
• Your plants are wrapped with care so they arrive happy and ready for their forever homes.
• Each plant is labeled to help you keep track of the plant names.
• Care instructions are included in every box.
…and make sure you look for your surprise when unpacking your succulent plant mail.

If you will be experiencing below freezing temperatures, please add a heat pack to your order. 


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  • Live plants take 3-5 days to prepare for shipping.
  • We are currently shipping Monday-Friday.
  • It is safe to ship in winter, however we do recommend adding a heat pack if you are experiencing extended freezing temperatures. Heat packs must be added for cold climates Nov - Mar to qualify for the guarantee.

Priority Mail is recommended and guaranteed for all live plant shipments and especially all Hoya shipments. It is faster and the optimal method for shipping. Orders that qualify for free shipping ship via Priority Mail. [[[





We can not guarantee that your plant will be in bloom or display the same colors as those pictured. Please allow for some variance amongst live plants. Coloration is determined by individual plant, season, environment and/or care conditions (and even your computer monitor can effect appearance of plants in pictures). Note that our photos were also take under ideal natural lighting conditions.

Carefully check the shipping address you have selected before placing your order. We ship to the shipping address provided. We cannot be responsible for errors or wrong shipping addresses provided with the order.

**Shipping costs are determined by weight and plant size. We do everything we can to keep shipping costs to a minimum for you, ensure our item weight and sizes are correct, and combine for you whenever possible.

Please note we cannot guarantee plant identifications. We give our best effort at accuracy.
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