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Beautiful Cobalt Blue Ceramic Pot

This planter pot is a gorgeous cobalt blue. I will need to find a succulent that will look its best planted in this beautiful pot.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review and for reaching out with your question. We figured it would be good to let everyone know that the plant pictured in the pot is an Echeveria subsessillis.
Thanks again, we appreciate you very much!

Healthy and bigger than I expected

Very happy to order from Zensability

We are very happy to have you as a customer and hope to show our appreciation in numerous ways, especially sending the happiest and largest plants possible every time.
Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review!

healthy and bigger than I expected

Very happy to order from Zensability

Thank you for letting us know you are happy with your new Hoya plants, we really appreciate it.

Very easy to propagate

Thank you for your review, we are so happy you love the 'Little Missy'. It's a cute plant and you're right, it propagates pretty easily.
Thanks again!

Succulent Garden Kit

The cardinal pot is adorable. There were more than enough succulent cuttings to make a nice arrangement. I planted the extras in two more small pots. I only gave it four stars because some of the nicest cuttings had very small, crooked stems that were impossible to push into the soil, so I had to just lay them on the top of the soil, and hope they will root. Longer stems would have made it much easier to plant in the small pot.

Thank you so much for your review and also the valuable feedback. We appreciate it so much!

Thanks for the extras, healthy cuttings

You're very welcome and thank YOU for your business. We hope they grow fast and fruit for you in the near future.


Están muy hermosas 🤩😊🤩🤩 ésas hoyas seguiré comprando con ustedes muchas gracias

Thank you very much for trusting us with your purchase. We are so happy you love the Hoyas.

Succulent Bouquet

I would prefer to have the cuttings wrapped up loosely in paper. Cutting off the glued ends free was tricky. If I hadn’t decided that I wanted the cuttings in separate pots, they would have died.
They are all doing well and the variety was beautiful.
Thank you, Joei Murphy.

Thank you very much for leaving us a review and also taking the time to provide valuable feedback for us. We appreciate it very much!


Beautiful plant! Arrived safely and is healthy, happy and doing well… exactly as I expected !

This is great news! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review and let us know you are happy with the plant.


Cold outside. Cutting froze, looked cooked. Not packed well.

We are sorry to hear this plant arrived with cold damage. Heat packs are recommended for winter shipping to cold climates. We are always happy to help with question about safe shipping of your plants based on your location and time of year.
You can also add heat packs and upgrade to Priority shipping after you've placed an order, we will automatically combine the shipments on our end.

Beautiful plant!

Plant is beautiful, was well packed and arrived in great condition! I’m so happy!

Perfect like usual

Love the subscription because I get plants that I may not have chosen myself. I typically overlook aloe and haworthia but, I love the ones that came in my subscription. I would have missed out on some great plants. I love expanding my collection and the plants here are always healthy and perfect 🙂

Thank you SO much for taking the time to leave a review on the subscription boxes. We will do our best to continue to offer very unique plants each month. Grow babies grow!

Hoya obovata - 3"
Tabatha Freeman
Hoya Obovata

My plant is adjusting nicely to my home. Can’t wait to see it grow. I will be buying again from this seller.

Hoya Australia’s Lisa

My plant shipped quickly and was very well packed. Very beautiful. I will buy again from this seller

Just beautiful

Beautiful, healthy Hoya. The packaging was secure and I had no damage to any of the plants- as an added bonus I received two free succulent cuttings!! I will definitely recommend and purchase from Zensability again.


I was so impressed by the health and beauty of this plant.


This shop consistently has not only stellar succulents, but add that to prices, customer care and affordable shipping cost and it's a win/win in every case! My Tippy is so healthy and cute!! Thank you guys so very feels like my birthday with each purchase with the gifted cuttings as well! 100% recommend Zensibility!

Plants are healthy

Well packaged. Received the plant in good condition.
Happy with purchase.

Absolutely perfect 😍

Like everything I have gotten from here, gorgeous and healthy. There were no duplicates amongst them. I love cuttings to expand the variety of plants I have so that made me happy 🙂

Beautiful plant!

I love all types of crassulas and this one is very pretty! Nice addition to my collection! I love this seller too!

Beautiful and healthy!

I prefer cuttings because I enjoy the propagation process but also feels it's a great way to grow my collection. Every cutting was from a different plant and extremely healthy! Zensability has become one of my favorite places to buy succulents 🙂

Echeveria reglensis - rare succulent plant - 4”

Perfect gift!

I gave this to my Mom for Christmas. She used to live in Alaska, and adores puffins. She was delighted!! Thank you for the sweet gift, and shipping so quickly!!

Very nice plant

The plant came in is heathy and happy. Just as I expected. I love it.


Is a magnificient succulent plant and arrived very healthy.! And very well packed.