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Get the DIY Succulent
Team Building Project

...your whole team will love! Out with boring old brain teasers and in with a fun DIY activity.



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"Wow! This seller is stellar! I could not be more happy! Customer service was top notch! I ordered these kits for a team activity. The seller went out of their way to to make the process as easy as possible. All orders arrived on time...They are vibrant and beautiful! I am beyond pleased!"

April Ames

"The event was a hit! ...We've been doing these [virtual team building] events since the start of the pandemic and have never had so many people opt in!"

Juliana M.

"The best virtual work activity? SUCCULENT KITS! Thank you Zensability! 10/10 so easy to work with and quick replies"


Succulent DIY Kits
Have Everything you
Need to Make Your Own

Each kit includes:
- 10+ Live succulent cuttings
- Hand-mixed succulent soil
- Planter pot(s)
- Instruction card
- Planting dowel

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DIY Succulent
Kit w/ 3" Terracotta Pot

This kit comes with a 3" terracotta pot, the ideal size for a desktop or window sill arrangement.

DIY Succulent Kit w/ two 2 1/2" terracotta pots

This kit comes with two small 2 1/2" terracotta pots. Perfect to keep one and gift one. 

There's so many benefits

Your group will love having a fun activity for a change of pace, and will reap the benefits...

Team Bonding

Letting your team get to know each other in a relaxed 'outside of work' type atmosphere will increase their bond.

Increased Morale

This creative activity gift lets your group know that you appreciate them and will in-turn increase the team morale.

Increased Confidence

Enabling your team to engage in a non-judemental, non-competitve activity can increases each member's sense of confidence within the group.

Improved Mental Health

This creative activity allows your group to disengage from the pressures of work and daily live and take a mental breather; much needed today and every day.
Succulent Arrangement DIY Kit w/ 3” Pot - Zensability
Succulent Arrangement DIY Kit w/ 3” Pot - Zensability
Arrangement Succulent DIY Kit w/ 3” Pot - Zensability

DIY Succulent Kit

Arrangement Succulent DIY Kit - 3” Pot

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  • Have fun virtually or in-person
  • Creative project everyone will enjoy
  • Bond and strengthen group dynamics
  • End up with a cute arrangement to keep

Frequently Questions Asked

  1. Q. How far in advance do I need to order?
    A:It is ideal if you order at least two weeks in advance of your event. This gives us to time to ensure we have colorful live succulents and time to ship so all arrive on-time.
  2. Q. Do I need to place separate orders if shipping to multiple addresses?
    A: We've got you covered and will take of shipping to multiple addresses. We have an easy-to-fill in form for you to provide us with the addresses and we'll manage the rest.
  3. Q. Can you accomodate large groups?
    A: Yes, we can accomodate groups of almost any size. Just contact us and let us know your needs at least two weeks before your planned event.

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