Hoya carnosa 'Krimson Queen' 'Tricolor' - 4"

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Hoya carnosa &
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Hoya carnosa 'Krimson Queen' 'Tricolor' - 4"

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Hoya carnosa 'Krimson Queen' is a must-have in any tropical house plant collection. Its long vines grow multi-colored variegated leaves. This plant has thick stems and leaves, so it can longer between waterings than many tropical house plants.

This variegated house plant is also known as Hoya 'Tricolor'. This is because the leaves are variegated shades of cream and green -and the new growth is often stunning shades of PINK!  

This plant also blooms fragrant clusters of light pink flowers.

About the plant for sale
This listing is for one live rooted Hoya carnosa 'Krimson Queen' plant, currently growing in a 4”. Each pot has at least two well-rooted stems, similar to pictured. 

The plant for sale is the plant pictured or one similar. Please allow for some variance among live plants, especially this variegated type. We do not have individual pictures of this plant.

We ship the most variegated plant available at the time of your order.

Semi-bare root shipping

IF you choose semi-bare root shipping, this means that the roots will be surrounded with damp soil so that they do not dry out during shipment. A pot is not included, so you will need to pot your plant when it arrives. 

Alternatively, if you do not have soil and a pot right away, you can submerge the roots of the Hoya plant in water until you are ready to pot it. Make sure the roots stay under the water and refresh the water every couple of days. 

About Hoya Wax Plants

Often grown as indoor or house plants, these semi-succulent, epiphytic plants are relatively easy-to-grow. They thrive where they receive bright indirect light, warm temperatures, high humidity and adequate air circulation.

This is a spiller, or hanging, plant (hangs over the edge or dangles) for indoor plants, pots, or containers. The variegation on the lives makes it a high-contrast live touch to your home decor. Living gift. Unique and hard-to-find flowering variegated plant.

Plant Details and Tips for Proper Care. Research and observe your plant. Adjust these tips as your zone and plant requires.
GROWING SEASONS: Fall, Spring and Summer
USDA Hardiness Zones: 8 - 11 (10 °F to 50 °F)
LIGHT: Part Sun; Full Bright-Shade
*Transition your plant to sun slowly after transplanting. A few days of bright shade / filtered light and then gradually introduce small amounts of morning sun.
WATER: Water when soil is dry to the touch, but do not over water. May rot if too damp. Will require less water when dormant.

Hi and welcome! We hope to add some plant joy to your life!

**Pease read the info below before placing your first order.**



  • Live plants take 1-3 days to prepare for shipping.
  • Pots, Cuttings, and Hoya ship next business day.
  • We are currently shipping Monday-Friday.
  • It is safe to ship in winter, we do recommend adding a heat pack if you are experiencing extended freezing temperatures. This protects your plants and ensures they are guaranteed.

Priority Mail is recommended for all live plant shipments and especially all Hoya shipments. It is faster and guaranteed (see below). Orders that qualify for free shipping ship via Priority Mail. 

USPS First Class mail is currently experiencing delays, including tracking issues, taking up to ten days in some cases, and is not guaranteed.❗️


We guarantee your plants will arrive happy and healthy when:

  • You select Priority Mail - or - qualify for free shipping (these orders are shipped via Priority Mail). 
  • Add a heat pack for cold climates November - March. 
  • Contact us within 48 hours of plant arrival at hello@zensability.com
  • Attach pictures of the plants, including close ups and entire plant.

After 48 hours, the plants are considered accepted as healthy and in your care.

Each plant is:
• Hand-selected and inspected to guarantee the highest quality.
• Individually wrapped. 
• Labeled to help you keep track of the plant names.
• Has Care instructions included in every box.
AND...make sure you look for your surprise when unpacking your succulent plant mail.
Your plants will arrive happy and healthy and if they don't, just contact us within 48 hours of purchase (include pictures of the trouble areas).

Many of our plants ship bare root. If it's optimal for the plant to ship in a pot, or a pot is included in the listing, this will be specified in the listing.

Cancellation requests must be received within 6 hours of purchase. No exceptions; this is because these are live plants that get pulled and prepped for shipping almost immediately.


We are currently ship Mondays-Friday, unless by special request.

*If you prefer we not ship Thursday/Friday (to prevent extra days in the box), please notify us.
Unwrap your plants carefully, succulents easily drop their leaves, it's easy to break branches in the excitement of opening plant mail. Some damaged or broken leaves or branches can occur during shipping. This does not effect the overall health of the plant.

If your plant was extremely damaged due to shipping or if your plant arrives unhealthy, please contact us within 48 hours of plant arrival and send pics of all of the following: 
-the damaged plant 
-the box condition
-the shipping label
We will do what we can to make it right. *Your plants are guaranteed if you select Priority Mail (and heat packs in the cold/winter months). 

We can not guarantee that your plant will be in bloom or display the same colors as those pictured. Please allow for some variance amongst live plants. Coloration is determined by individual plant, season, environment and/or care conditions (and even your computer monitor can effect appearance of plants in pictures). Note that our photos were also take under ideal natural lighting conditions.

Carefully check the shipping address you have selected before placing your order. We ship to the shipping address provided. We cannot be responsible for errors or wrong shipping addresses provided with the order.

**Shipping costs are determined by weight and plant size. We do everything we can to keep shipping costs to a minimum for you, ensure our item weight and sizes are correct, and combine for you whenever possible.

*heat packs are available as a separate product.

Please note we cannot guarantee plant identifications. We give our best effort at accuracy.
Thank you so much for checking out our little family shop!!

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