Hoya carnosa 'Krinkle 8' - 2.5”
Hoya carnosa 'Krinkle 8' - 2.5”
Hoya carnosa 'Krinkle 8' - 2.5”
Hoya carnosa 'Krinkle 8' - 2.5”
Hoya carnosa 'Krinkle 8' - 2.5”
Hoya carnosa 'Krinkle 8' - 2.5”
Hoya carnosa 'Krinkle 8' - 2.5”
Hoya carnosa 'Krinkle 8' - 2.5”

Hoya carnosa 'Krinkle 8' - 2.5”

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Customer Reviews

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Janice Haney
Hoya plants

The plants came safe and healthy, can't wait for the blooms ♡♡♡

Victoria Moore
Hoya carnosa

I received very quickly. It is a nice segments of plant. I have never had this plant before and I am hoping that I can have a green thumb with this plant too. Planted up and ready to grow.

Nancy Carol Sierra
Satisfied customer

Thank you for packing it so well. Now, I’m waiting for it to grow. It’s very pretty! Can’t wait to see it grow!!!!!

Hoya carnosa 'Krinkle 8' Flowering Tropical House Plant

Hoya carnosa is an easy-care house plant with dark green trailing foliage. This type of Hoya has wide oval leaves with indentations and blooms clusters of light pink star-shaped flowers with fuchsia centers. The flowers are also very fragrant.

This listing is for an established plant currently growing in a 2” pot.

Important: The plant that ships has one rooted stem (as pictured). This plant ships semi-bare root. This means that the plant's roots have some damp soil around them so they travel safely and do not dry out completely. 

Since this plant ships semi-bare root, you will need to plant to pot your plant when you get it. Alternatively, you can submerge the roots of the plant in water until you have soil and a pot for the plant. 

Use a well-draining soil and water when the soil gets dry to the touch. This will prevent overwatering and overdrying. 

Hoya are tropical floral plants that are similar to epiphytic plants, they get a lot of nutrients and moisture from the air. For this reason, providing your Hoya plant with some humidity is ideal. 

In some warmer climates, you can grow your Hoya on the patio or under the shade of a tree. Hoya need to stay above 60F, so make sure you protect from cold or bring them indoors during the colder months.

*A heat pack is recommended if you will be experiencing extended temperatures below 60F.

This is spiller plant (hangs over the edge or dangles), a hanging plant for indoor plants, pots, or containers. Living gift. Unique and hard-to-find.

Plant Details and Tips for Proper Care. Research and observe your plant. Adjust these tips as your zone and plant requires.
GROWING SEASONS: Fall, Spring and Summer
USDA Hardiness Zones: 8 - 11 (10 °F to 50 °F)
LIGHT: Part Sun; Full Bright-Shade
*Transition your plant to sun slowly after transplanting. A few days of bright shade / filtered light and then gradually introduce small amounts of morning sun.
WATER: Water when soil is dry to the touch, but do not over water. May rot if too damp. Will require less water when dormant.