Lithops mesemb cluster (B) - 2”

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Lithops mesemb cluster (B) - 2”
Lithops mesemb cluster (B) - 2”
Lithops mesemb cluster (B) - 2”
Lithops mesemb cluster (B) - 2”
Lithops mesemb cluster (B) - 2”

Lithops mesemb cluster (B) - 2”

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This bunch of Lithops has the cutest little red guy! Here’s your chance to own some of these cool ‘Living Stones’ plants.

Lithops, or “Living Stones”, are unique succulent plants that grow close to the surface and need very little water.

Usually only one pair of leaves is visible above the soil. The leaves are plump, colorful, and uniquely patterned to resemble stones. A fissure separates the two leaves and makes way for new growth. 

You will receive the plants and pot pictured. We will ship these in the pot, but may have to remove some soil if necessary.

The plants for sale are live, rooted plants.

Notice the size of the plants in the pot. These are small plants and are very slow-growing. 

Lithops are generally considered an easy-care plant, although overwatering can occur easily. Please follow the general Lithop Watering Guide below and/or adjust as you conditions require. 

The plants are perfect for sunny spots in your favorite plant or small rock garden. 

Perfect plant for terrariums, highly drought tolerant with very low water needs.

This plant ships bare root.

Lithops Watering Guide: 
Here are some general watering tips to consider when caring for your lithops.

  • Do not water during dormant season, spring to early fall. 

  • Water every 2-3 weeks when summer ends, or as the plant requires. Observe your plant for signs of puckering, which tells you it needs a bit more water. 

  • Do not water when leaves split and new growth is forming. Look for this around winter time. 

Peak growth season: Fall/winter 
Dormant: Summer
Propagation: Division or seeds
Sun: Morning sun, bright shade.

This plant likes sun but not too much heat. These are also frost sensitive, so please protect in freezing temperatures. 

Water when soil is dry to the touch. Will require more water in the fall.

This is a live plant.

Your succulent will be wrapped with care and shipped with extra padding in the box. Plants can take 1-5 days to prep for shipping and weather can impact the prep time. We ship as quickly as is safe for your plant.


Hi and welcome! We hope to add some plant joy to your life!



  • Live plants take 3-5 days to prepare for shipping.
  • We are currently shipping Monday-Friday.
  • It is safe to ship in winter, however we do recommend adding a heat pack if you are experiencing extended freezing temperatures. Heat packs must be added for cold climates Nov - Mar to qualify for the guarantee.

Priority Mail is recommended and guaranteed for all live plant shipments and especially all Hoya shipments. It is faster and the optimal method for shipping. Orders that qualify for free shipping ship via Priority Mail. [[[





We can not guarantee that your plant will be in bloom or display the same colors as those pictured. Please allow for some variance amongst live plants. Coloration is determined by individual plant, season, environment and/or care conditions (and even your computer monitor can effect appearance of plants in pictures). Note that our photos were also take under ideal natural lighting conditions.

Carefully check the shipping address you have selected before placing your order. We ship to the shipping address provided. We cannot be responsible for errors or wrong shipping addresses provided with the order.

**Shipping costs are determined by weight and plant size. We do everything we can to keep shipping costs to a minimum for you, ensure our item weight and sizes are correct, and combine for you whenever possible.

Please note we cannot guarantee plant identifications. We give our best effort at accuracy.
Thank you so much for checking out our little family shop!!

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