Cotyledon pendens - 4”

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Cotyledon pendens - 4”
Cotyledon pendens - 4”
Cotyledon pendens - 4”
Cotyledon pendens - 4”

Cotyledon pendens - 4”

84 Reviews
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Cotyledon pendens is a beautiful  and highly-desired rare succulent plant with a chalk-white farina coating and red margins on the leaves.

This is such a cool plant that blooms tangerine colored bell-shaped flowers! Cotyledon pendens grows long stems that hang over the edge of pots nicely and can grow up to two feet long.

The picture with a flower is for reference only, to show the color and type of flower that this plant blooms. The plants tend to bloom from Spring through late Summer. Cotyledon pendens is an extremely drought-tolerant plant and requires very little water, even during peak growth season.

This plant ships bare root.

How to tell when your Cotyledon pendens succulent needs water

This plant has fat round leaves. Once you saturate the soil, wait until the soil is dry to the touch before watering the plant again. The leaves on this plant will start to deflate and look slightly wrinkled when it is REALLY ready for water. You can water before they get to this point, but take care not to overwater.

It is better to err on the side of underwatering this succulent plant than overwatiner it. Cotyledon pendens have thin stems that turn very woody as they mature. They do not like to have too much water to take up and the roots do not like to sit in soggy or too damp of soil for very long.

Please note, the plant you receive may not be in bloom at the time of purchase. Coloration changes on the leaves are based on season, drought, temperatures and light conditions.

You will receive a 4” pot size of rooted starters of Cotyledon pendent similar to pictured. Please note that this plant ships bare root without the pot.

USDA Zone: 9-11

Plant Details and Tips for Proper Care. Research and observe your plant. Adjust these tips as your zone and plant requires.
GROWING SEASONS: Winter, Fall and Spring
PROPAGATION: Offshoots, cuttings, leaves and seeds
LIGHT: Full sun to part shade.
*Transition your plant to sun slowly after transplanting. A few days of bright shade / filtered light and then gradually introduce small amounts of morning sun.
WATER: Water when soil is dry to the touch, but do not over water. May rot if too damp. Will require less water when dormant.

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