2" Succulent Plant Bulk-Pack - Green & Blue Mixed

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Mixed set of green and blue succulent plants growing in 2 inch plastic pots. Includes thrillers, spillers and fillers.
Echeveria Blue Atoll in 2 inch pot, Top View. Blue leaves are spoon-shaped with small soft tips arranged in a tight rosette.
Senecio radicans String of Bananas, Top view, growing in a 2 inch pot. Multiple green stems with plump, banana-shaped leaves.
Wavy tipped and fuzzy green leaves of Adromischus cristata Key Lime Pie growing in 2 inch nursery pot. Top view shows loose rosette of long, tubular leaves.

2" Succulent Plant Bulk-Pack - Green & Blue Mixed

9 Reviews
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These fun succulent plants sets provide the perfect mix of easy-care plants for your projects or plant collections. They ship in the nursery pots and also make great gifts. 

Every set includes a bright and happy variety of live blue and green succulent plants which are perfect for DIY succulent arrangements, wedding favors, baby shower favors, centerpieces, and more.

This is a bulk quantity pack of live succulent plants that ship in 2" plastic nursery pots. We select a variety of:

  • spiller plants that hang over the edge.
  • thriller plants that stand out such as large rosettes.
  • filler plants to complete the arrangement and fill in any gaps.

All of the succulents in these multi-packs are rooted and either blue or green coloration. 

The picture is representative of the plants you will receive, each set is hand-selected by the shop owner based on plant availability at the time of purchase. There will be a beautiful full variety of succulent plants including fillers, spillers, and thrillers.

Please note you will not receive the exact plants pictured, since live plant availability depends on season.

This listing is for rooted multi-pack sets of 2” size succulents that ship in their plastic nursery pots. Care instructions are included in the box.

  1. Select the number of plants you’d like in your set.
  2. Please note plants can take 1-3 business days to prep and ship.

About Succulent Plants

Succulents are relatively easy-care plants that can thrive in a variety of environments. They are very forgiving of underwatering, making them good plants for beginner - or busy - plant parents.

These succulent sets make great gifts. They arrive in pots and are ready to be enjoyed, replanted, or used in succulent crafts. They are also a nice size to bunch together in a large succulent planter pot as a colorful, drought-tolerant arrangement. Use them for tabletop arrangements, desktop planters, or even each planted individually in small succulent planters. 

Care tips for 2 inch potted succulent plants

You will be able to keep these succulents in the pots they are currently growing in for awhile before you need to replant them in new pots. When watering, we recommend that you set the pot in a shallow dish of water to fully saturate the soil. Then do not water again until the top soil is dry to the touch. 

  • Use a well-draining cactus or succulent soil. 
  • Always use a pot with drainage holes. Succulent soil needs to drain well so that it is never soggy. Soggy soil can cause root rot. 
  • Provide adequate light for succulent plants, the more bright light succulents receive, the more colorful they will stay. Adequate light will also keep leaf nodes close and rosettes nice and compact. Plan to provide at least a partial-sun amount of light (2-3 hours of direct sun or more of indoor lights). 

Peak growth season: Spring /Fall
Dormant: Summer / Winter
Propagation: Propagate from cuttings, leaves or offsets during growth season, Fall are Spring are ideal.
Moisture: Water when soil is completely dry to the touch. Do not overwater. Err on the side of underwatering.
Light: Partial to full sun.

Hi and welcome! We hope to add some plant joy to your life!



  • Live plants take 3-5 days to prepare for shipping.
  • We are currently shipping Monday-Friday.
  • It is safe to ship in winter, however we do recommend adding a heat pack if you are experiencing extended freezing temperatures. Heat packs must be added for cold climates Nov - Mar to qualify for the guarantee.

Priority Mail is recommended and guaranteed for all live plant shipments and especially all Hoya shipments. It is faster and the optimal method for shipping. Orders that qualify for free shipping ship via Priority Mail. [[[





We can not guarantee that your plant will be in bloom or display the same colors as those pictured. Please allow for some variance amongst live plants. Coloration is determined by individual plant, season, environment and/or care conditions (and even your computer monitor can effect appearance of plants in pictures). Note that our photos were also take under ideal natural lighting conditions.

Carefully check the shipping address you have selected before placing your order. We ship to the shipping address provided. We cannot be responsible for errors or wrong shipping addresses provided with the order.

**Shipping costs are determined by weight and plant size. We do everything we can to keep shipping costs to a minimum for you, ensure our item weight and sizes are correct, and combine for you whenever possible.

Please note we cannot guarantee plant identifications. We give our best effort at accuracy.
Thank you so much for checking out our little family shop!!

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