Baby Succulents (2 - 2.5")

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These small succulent plants are easy-care plants that are ideal for a variety of uses. Baby succulents can be planted together in a planter pot to create colorful arrangements and tabletop bouquets. You can plant them individually in planter pots and collect all the types. 

6 products
Mixed succulent plant multi-pack of small live succulent plants growing in 2 inch plastic nursery pots. Includes rosettes, crawlers, and ground covers.
2" Succulent Plants Bulk Pack - Mixed Variety
from $8.00
6 pack of 2 inch pot sized pink and purple rosette succulent plants set, Top View
Purple and Pink rosette succulent plant growing in 2 inch pot.
2" Succulent Plant Bulk-Pack - Purple & Pink Rosette
from $8.50
Rosette set of 6 succulent plants growing in 2 inch pots. Colors ranging from greens, pinks, purples and blues.
Green rosette succulent plant growing in a 2 inch pot. Leaves are thick and spoon shaped with red margins.
Rosette Variety Multi-Pack Sets - 2"
from $8.50
Set of 6 blue and green colored rosette succulent plants growing in 2 inch nursery pots.
Bright blue Echeveria subsessilis succulent plant growing in 2 inch nursery pot. . Leaves are stubby, tapered, and have pink tips.
2" Succulent Plant Bulk-Pack - Green & Blue Rosettes
from $8.50
Open succulent gift box with "You're the Best" message and rosette succulent in terracotta pot.
Custom message of You're the Best on wooden plant stake behind a blue rosette succulent plant in a gift box.
Succulent Gift Box - Rosette in Terra Cotta Pot - Select Your Message (Birthday, Congratulations, Sympathy, Missing You)
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