About Us

About Us

Picture of Jason and Amber, the owners of Zensability LLC

Hi!! We're Amber and Jason, we're the owners of this little plant shop. We're married and we're in love with plants! We found this passion a few years ago, when we learned we could increase the number of plants around our home simply by chopping and propagating succulents.

We started by cutting branches off a large Crassula ovata in our yard and rooting them in coffee cans. This new hobby brought us so much joy during what was a difficult period in our lives, and it's amazing to look back and see how plants provided us with so much therapy!

The business started as a means of covering the cost of our new hobby. We started selling a few plants in online marketplaces. We immediately found a passion for sharing these amazing easy-care plants with people nationwide. It quickly became a full-time business. This is still the best part of the business - sharing the joy and love of plants with our customers. 

We want you to feel like it's your birthday every time you get plant mail

We want you to experience worry-free online plant shopping: 

  1. The live plants you purchase in our online shop are hand-selected, inspected, and wrapped with care.
  2. Each package contains extra padding and insulation for a safe journey.
  3. Care instructions and a surprise are included with every package.
  4. HappyZense guaranteed when you select Priority Mail or qualify for free shipping.
A variety of Zensability succulents shown together in a nursery tray.

Why purchase live plants from Zensability

We aim for you to have the best plant purchasing experience - from the selection we offer, to the arrival of your new healthy plants - and beyond.

We are plant lovers and we only offer plants we know plant lovers will LOVE! Please feel free to reach out anytime with questions about your order or your Zensability plants. 

Don't see what you want? Message us and we'll add you to our interest lists. We have access to thousands of varieties of succulents, even if they are not listed in our shop or currently in our nursery.

The beginning of our shop

We started on Facebook groups and opened an Etsy shop to show customers other plants we had available. We never dreamed how fast it would grow and here we are, still adding unique products daily and doing everything we can to make you happy with plants.

 Your HappyZense is our #1 goal, so please reach out with questions anytime!

Happy plant shopping and let us know if you want us to be on the hunt for anything special for you.