You're helping plant mangrove trees!

Did you know Mangrove forests are more effective at removing carbon from the air than rainforests. Isn't that so cool and amazing?

Mangrove have an amazing positive effect on our plant. This is why proceeds from every item purchased go towards planting Mangrove trees through Sea Trees(TM) and Give & Grow.  

Why Mangrove Trees

Since we live near the Pacific Ocean, learning that one Mangrove tree planted sequesters approximately 680 lbs [308kg] of C02 over its lifetime, we felt strongly this was the right organization to support. 

We feel restoring coastal eco-systems is a worthy cause to help Mother Earth. 

The numerous benefits of Mangrove trees on the environment

Here are just a few ways that Mangrove trees are awesome: 

  1. They protect coastlines from strong winds and storms by forming a sort of barrier in front of the coastline. 
  2. They prevent coastline erosion because their massive entangled roots stabilize sediments.
  3. As mentioned above, they remove LOTs of carbon from the air. 
  4. They help to clean the water by filtering pollutants and blocking sediments at the coastline.

How we gave back before we learned about mangrove forests

We initially had proceeds going towards planting trees (which is still a great cause). The incredible support from our customers led to hundreds of trees being planted.

During the height of the pandemic we switched our donations to go towards providing meals to those in need. Together we provided over 16,000 meals! It's small, but we're small and grateful to be able help as much as we can. 

Thank you so much for your support and helping us help Mother Earth along the way!  - Amber & Jason

Happy plant shopping and let us know if you want us to be on the hunt for anything special for you.