All the best reasons to gift a succulent plant

by Amber Miner

If you aren't familiar with succulent plants yet, you're in a for a real treat! Here's our list of all the best reasons to gift yourself, or someone else, a succulent plant.


  1. Succulents are very easy-care plants.

Succulents hold a lot of water in their stems and/or leaves. So this means they can go a long time between each watering. They are very forgiving if you skip a watering and will almost always bounce back 'good as new'.


  1. Succulents come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.

With thousands of types of succulent plants to choose from, there is a perfect plant for everyone. If you like or are looking for:

  1. You can gift a wide variety of succulents in a perfect tabletop or desktop-size arrangement.

Gifting an arrangement is a great way to introduce someone to succulent plants, or to give a succulent lover a bunch of fun succulents. They come pre-made, in nice pots, with care instructions included (if gifting Zensability arrangements, that is).


Receiving an arrangement is one of the most fun ways to start learning about caring for succulents and all the varieties that you can get.


  1. Succulents are very unique gifts that will most likely be very exciting to the recipient.

    It's fun to get and gift plants, but gifting houseplants can be risky business. They generally require a lot of care. But succulents are a pretty safe bet (see number 1 above) - and can even be kept indoors if close enough to a light source. Almost everyone will appreciate getting a live succulent or succulent arrangement as a gift.


  1. And best of all…plants increase your sense of happiness, so you're gifting HAPPINESS when you give someone succulents.

Plants have been scientifically proven to increase feelings of happiness. Giving someone the gift of a succulent plant actually gifts them a little bomb of joy every time they see it or water it. They are the perfect desktop plant for this reason, they can provide a much needed mental breather in the middle of the work day. Whether you work in the office or at home (or both, in which case you need at least two).


These are all the reasons that succulents make the best gifts, for kids and adults. You can gift single plants, premade arrangements, DIY arrangement kits, or even succulent gift boxes. The options are almost endless.

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