Top 5 Indoor-Friendly Succulent Plants

by Amber Miner

Are you looking for succulent plants that you can grow indoors?

Long strands of the String of Hearts succulent plant in a hanging pot

Look no further, we have our five favorite indoor-friendly succulent plants listed below!

These are a few types of succulents that have a high-tolerance for low-light conditions and can definitely thrive as indoor house plants. We also think they are beautiful and will bring you lots of joy.

Succulents are Easy-Care Plants

These plants are also ideal beginner house plants. They can handle a missed watering or two and are very forgiving of a few missteps while you are learning about caring for succulents.

Succulents are easier to care for than most tropical house plants. You don't need to keep the soil damp for succulent plants. In fact, you want the soil to get dry to the touch before you water your succulent each time. (Read more about watering your succulents here).

Here is our list of the top five indoor-friendly succulents:

  1. Gold and green Sansevieria 'Snake Plant' indoor house plant
    Sansevieria, aka 'Snake Plants'
    Snake plants are our number 1 choice because not only are they incredibly low-light and drought-tolerant, they are also amazing air purifying plants. 

    Sanseveria come in dwarf varieties or taller varieties, so you can almost always find the perfect plant for your indoor space. 

  2. Ceropegia woodii 'String of Hearts'
    Close up of the String of Hearts succulent plant with pink heart-shaped leaves
    The String of Hearts succulent plant is one of the most popular succulent plants on the market. It has heart-shaped leaves that get pink backs under stress.

    It can thrive indoors as long as it gets bright light, and it is ideal if that light is from a south-facing window. However, if you only have artificial light, that can be sufficient for String of Hearts too. 

  3. Senecio rowleyanus 'String of Pearls'
    String of pearls succulent plant shown in a hanging planter pot

    It's hard not to love String of Pearls, also known as 'String of Peas'. This plant thrives indoors and can tolerate a little more water than other succulent plants. It's still a succulent and is forgiving of under-watering. 

    This plant is best on a high shelf or in a hanging pot because the strings can grow to be 3-4' long. This amazing succulent plant also blooms white flowers in the spring. 

  4. Haworthia attenuata 'Zebra Plant'
    Haworthia attenuata 'Zebra Plant' in a 4 inch pot with large triangular leaves and white stripes
    The Zebra Plant is a great small indoor plant, it's perfect for a tabletop or desktop plant. Haworthia have an incredible tolerance for low light and have incredibly low water needs. 

    Zebra plants are also really cool looking 'weirdo' succulents. They have bold white stripes on long stiff lanceolate leaves. They are very striking and unique and the best succulent plant to begin with due to it's high tolerance for multiple environments and conditions.

  5. Senecio peregrinus 'String of Dolphins'
    Close up of String of Dolphins succulent plant green dolphin-shaped leaves on a green stem.

    String of Dolphins is a popular succulent due to the dolphin-shaped leaves that grow on long strings. This is a fun succulent to have as a house plant. It would thrive in a bright window.

    The stems, or strings, can grow very long on this plant also, so we recommend it be on a high shelf or in a hanging pot near a window. 

While these are our top 5 indoor succulent plants, you will find that almost all of the Senecio string succulents, Haworthia, Sansevieria, and Gasteria are good options for house plants. 

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