Succulent Care Tips

How to Care for your Succulent Plants

We're here to provide all the info you need to help your succulents thrive!

Succulents are relatively easy-care plants, making them ideal plants for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Succulents hold a lot of water in their leaves and stems, so they need a lot less water than other plants.

In fact, overwatering is the most dangerous thing to your succulent plant. Way more succulents die from overwatering than underwatering. But don't worry!

Care steps for your succulent plant:

IMPORTANT: These are general tips, you will want to get to know your plants and acclimate them to your own environment.

  1. Use a pot with a drainage hole.
  2. Use well-draining soil. 
    If you only have potting soil available, you can add perlite, pumice, or vermiculite to the soil. This will increase the drainage.
  3. When you first repot your plants, keep them out of direct sun for a day or two. 
  4. Slowly acclimate your plant to more direct sun or light. If you put them directly into sun for a few hours right away, they will likely sunburn. 
  5. Water only when the soil is dry to the touch. 
  6. Water from the bottom up.
    Place the pot in a shallow dish of water until the top soil is damp. This ensures the soil gets saturated and the plant gets a good drink. It will also allow you to extend the amount of time between waterings. 
  7. After acclimating, provide at least partial sun (2-3 hours). 
    If indoors, place near a south facing window or indoor / grow lights.
  8. Air circulation and adequate light are important for your succulents to thrive.
Note: The chubbier the leaves, the less water it will need (chubbier leaves hold more water). 

What to watch for as your plant grows
  • Stretching or leaning = wants more light
  • Wrinkled and/or deflated leaves = plant needs water
  • Mushy, yellowing or black leaves = plant needs less water (
    - If leaves are really mushy, remove from pot and place in good ventilation to expedite drying out)
    - If the stem is mushy, cut above the mushy part and let the cut end dry. Then replant in soil and wait at least two weeks to water. Keep out of direct light the first week. 
  • Little fuzzy web-like white balls = mealy bugs
  • Little round flat scab-like brown patches that wipe off easily = scale bugs

Treating your succulents for mealy bugs / aphids

**As a preventative and especially if you see bugs - you can control them by spraying with 70% diluted isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

  1. First remove your succulent from direct sun.
  2. Do not spray too close (recommend 6" away).
  3. Saturate the base of the leaves and stem.
  4. Place in good air circulation to allow alcohol to evaporate.
  5. Retreat 24 hours later.