Why DIY Succulent Kits are Perfect for your Next Team Building Event

by Amber Miner

Team building, team building...some love it, some dread it. But what if you were able to provide your team with a bonding project that they will all enjoy? A project that has no pressure, builds comradery, and also gifts the team members with something that will make them smile everyday?

Potted arrangement you can create from a Zensability succulent arrangement DIY kit

I'm talking about DIY succulent arrangement kits - the all-in-one kits where each member of your team gets to create their own living desktop-size succulent arrangement. These kits are unique because they contain a batch of live succulent cuttings, giving creative leeway to really design and create your own potted arrangement.

Shows all contents of Zensability DIY succulent kit with two terracotta pots

This isn't just a typical succulent kit with three cute plants that you get to plant in a pot - and would come out looking virtually the same for everyone.

Instead, these kits contain a variety of colorful live cuttings that can be arranged any way you want. You can stuff the plants tightly in the pot and create a very full arrangement, or you can just put a few in and give them all lots of space and room to grow. The plants will be happy either way.

In addition, these are easy-care plants. You can forget to water them a bit and they will bounce back. But it will be hard to forget them when they are on your desk every morning, greeting you with some happy living color.

But they are just cuttings, how long can they really last?

That's the cool part - the cuttings will grow their own roots and last as long as you take care of them. And the crazy part is that you don't water them for the first few weeks!

Options available for large groups
(for virtual or in-person events)

We currently have two kits that are ideal for team building events. These kits are available to order in large quantities. We ask for orders 3 weeks in advance but can often accomodate rushed orders. Please contact us with your event date and we will let you know what we can do for you. 

Contact us when you are ready to start your order. 

DIY kit with a 3" terracotta pot

Content of DIY succulent kit with 3" terracotta pot and live cuttings

DIY kit with two (2) 2 1/2" terracotta pots

Two potted arrangements from succulent arrangement DIY kits with two terracotta pots

    Benefits of providing a fun creative activity for your next team building event

    Just in case you need a few more reasons Zensability DIY succulent kits the perfect project for your team building events, here you go:

    1. Team bonding in a relaxed atmosphere - this activity provides your team with a fun event that feels 'outside-of-work', even if you're on a virtual meeting to have it. Having a chance to chat and hang out over a creative project gives your team a chance to get to know each other beyond the work meeting small talk.
    2. Increased confidence - Providing a non-competitive, non-judgmental activity for your team can increase each members sense of confidence within the team, as well as their sense of belonging on the team. This can be an especially good activity if you have new team members who have joined an already well-formed team. 
    3. Increased morale - Since this DIY activity is also a gift, it is a good way to let your team know that you appreciate them. Feeling appreciated can boost team morale.
    1. Gives you team a mental health break - These DIY kits provide a break from normal work activities, and instead of being another brain teaser or competitive type of project, it actually provides your team members with a mental health break. This will likely be very much appreciated by your team members, especially if you have been facing tough deadlines or recently had a peak busy season.

    How to order Zensability DIY kits for your next virtual work or corporate team event

    Ready to place your order and plan your team building succulent arrangement party? Click here to see the available options and prices. Or simply contact us now and we'll give you all the information you need.

    We will streamline the ordering process for you, whether you need to ship the DIY succulent kits to multiple addresses or need to ship one bulk order to one address.

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